Merchant Services

Bank of Commerce has the experience and training to serve any merchant from the smallest to the largest. We offer our commercial checking account holders the opportunity to accept Visa and MasterCard credit card payments.

Contact us at (405) 354-3030 to get started today!

Accepting Visa and MasterCard payments allows businesses to accept additional payment options, making it easier to sell your services or products. We can provide to you:

  • Reduced receivables – No longer wait 30 to 90 days for payments.
  • Convenience – Allows you immediate sales
  • Fast availability – Funds are deposited directly into your commercial checking account within two business days
  • Easy reconciliation – Merchants receive the gross amount of their card deposits; processing fees are charged monthly. A monthly statement includes a summary of deposits and fees.
  • Simplified pricing plans keep your discount rates competitive.


We have Point-of-Sale terminals (POS) – This is most used in a retail environment where the card is swiped through a POS terminal. The ability to swipe the card reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and results in the lowest available processing fees.

We also have ETC touchtone available – If you do not want the expense of a terminal or for a business that has service calls they can call and get authorization over the phone.

Bank of Commerce merchant accounts are subject to approval. Approval is determined upon completion of the application process which includes:

  • Completed Merchant Agreement
  • Premises Inspection by Bank of Commerce

Many merchant companies require you to sign a two-year contract; at BOC no contract is required.

For more information, contact 354-3030 to speak to any of our new account representatives.

  • Yukon Office - (405) 354-3030
  • I-40 and Mustang Road Office - (405) 324-9615
  • Mustang Office - (405) 256-5110
  • El Reno Office - (405) 262-8272