Presidential Address

Welcome to Bank of Commerce’s website for 2014.  Your visit to this website is an indication of how important technology is to you.  Bank of Commerce is committed to the latest technology and keeping you in touch with your financial records.  Thank you for visiting and my hope is that you have found it to be user friendly.  As a customer or potential customer our goal is to provide the best experience possible

2014 has been a good year for our bank and we continue to provide high quality banking services in a fast, friendly manner.  Our lending officers are eager and willing to make loans and we have plenty of money to lend.  Whether it’s a commercial loan, home or auto, we are easy to deal with.

Banking continues to change and the amount of regulation we are under continues to increase.  One thing that doesn’t change is our pledge to take care of your financial needs.  We are local and we will respond to your needs.  We know you have a choice in banking services and we want to show you that we can enhance your banking experience.  So stop by sometime and let us be your bank!


Doug Tippens,
President & CEO